Tank facilities for motor vehicles, aircrafts, watercrafts and rail transport

STEIGER has many years of extensive experience in tank technology. We concentrate this knowledge on maintenance, new construction, reconstruction, or refurbishment of filling stations / tank farms of different operators.

We offer everything from maintenance, inspection, repair, one-time and periodic inspections, tank protection and revision, to improvement measures, all from one source and always with an eye for the essentials.

Petrol pumps for: carburetor fuel, diesel fuel, aviation fuel, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, biodiesel, vegetable oil, AdBlue.Tank, Behälter unterirdisch

  • New construction, conversion, renovation, dismantling
  • Service, maintenance, checks
  • One-time and recurring exams
  • Tank protection and revision
  • Tanks / tanks in all versions, pipelines, fittings
  • Electrical engineering, cathodic corrosion protection
  • Dispensers, dispensing systems, fuel dispensers
  • Tank Data Collection, Gas Station Management Systems
  • Gas recirculation, gas recirculation monitoring
  • Leak monitoring, overfill protection, filling hose fuses
  • Tank contents measuring systems, remote bearing
  • Gas station roofs, gas station lighting
  • Mechanical and electronic price indications
  • Public service stations, service stations Price display
  • Natural gas filling stations CNG, liquefied petrol stations LPG
  • AdBlue refueling systems
  • Aircraft and helicopter refueling facilities
  • Ship refueling systems
  • Leak Detection
  • Overfill prevention