Hydrogen: the fuel of the future!

Hydrogen - H2

The demand on mobility is constantly increasing. Mobility should not only be economical and secure, but also carbon neutral in the future - in companies and in public and private transport solutions - regionally and nationally. Hydrogen is one of the most promising energy solution today, as its only by-product is pure water. It can be used as fuel in special internal combustion engines of vehicles, in particular for commercial vehicles such as buses or trains and in stationary systems.

The construction of a hydrogen refueling station consists of dispensers, tanks for the storage of hydrogen and the compression system. The hydrogen is usually delivered by truck, stored at 45 bar and highly compressed for the vehicles when refueling to 350 bar or 700 bar.

This setup requires experience in handling gas stations, hydrogen and high pressure systems. To make the production of hydrogen ecologically and economically sensible Karl Steiger GmbH offers solutions with wind energy and / or solar energy.

Karl Steiger GmbH advises, plans and builds hydrogen filling stations, storage facilities and test benches.


  • Comfortable, fast refueling of vehicles
  • Hydrogen production on site or at any production facility
  • Use of excess electricity by means of wind turbines
  • Thereby securing the power grid and its stability
  • Environmentally friendly traffic thanks to hydrogen propulsion


  • Hydrogen filling stations with hydrogen production on site
  • Hydrogen filling stations with delivery of hydrogen
  • Transport and storage solutions

Karl Steiger GmbH - your partner for hydrogen mobility and infrastructure.

We advise you to:

  • general questions about hydrogen fueling,
  • general questions about hydrogen fueling,
  • Installation and maintenance of gas stations,
  • Installation and maintenance of test benches,
  • Concepts and construction of refueling systems,
  • Framework conditions for subsidies,
  • …and much more.