We bring electric mobility onto the road!


To fully exploit the potential of electromobility, modern, functional charging systems and nationwide supply are needed. Charging stations offer a great advantage: they can be installed wherever the connection to the power grid is possible.

With an electric vehicle, you do not drive to the gas station to refuel, but you recharge your batteries where you park or rest. This opens up the possibility to build own charging stations or to expand existing gas stations or truck stops.


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DC and AC charging stations of different manufacturers

Depending on the application, we offer different charging stations from different manufacturers. In particular, fast-charging stations and ultra-fast charging stations are enjoying increasing popularity. In five minutes, electric cars can be refueled for a range of 150 kilometers.

LadesäuleWe also install freestanding charging stations for parking lots and wall charging stations for underground garages and multi-storey car parks. These can be implemented as individual charging points or as networked charging systems with several charging points, which are centrally controlled and monitored. The sophisticated, functionally and design-convincing systems are installed and put into operation for the respective commercial application.

Details such as readable energy meter, fuses that can be switched on by pressing a button or simple user guidance via LED, info panel or plain text display can also be implemented here.

Especially in the commercial sector, the subject of access protection in order to prevent abuse and third-party access is important. Authorization can be made here by key switch, RFID charging cards (room card, employee ID card) or via SMS. Even such networked charging systems can be installed quickly and easily today. They can even be centrally controlled and monitored.

Our one-stop ser­vice

Karl Steiger GmbH is your partner for electromobility and charging technology. Our range of services extends from site analysis through planning to complete project management and implementation.

In addition to the installation and commissioning of the charging stations of various manufacturers, we also undertake the civil engineering, the electrical installations and the cable laying to the transformer stations as well as the necessary clarifications with the local energy suppliers or the application for extensions.

We are happy to advise you in:

  • General questions about charging technology
  • Installation and maintenance of charging stations and wallboxes
  • Operation and billing of charging stations
  • Concepts + construction of parking and loading areas
  • Framework conditions and preparation of applications for funding
  • ... and much more.

Maintenance and service

After planning, construction and commissioning including all required tests, we undertake regular maintenance and service around your charging station and transformer station.

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